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Cedars of Life is a small family owned company that we began to share the natural beauty products that we have discovered and benefitted from along our life's journey.

We have endured significant health challenges along this road, but we have found more blessings than obstacles. As one door closes another one opens. We met a family in Colorado that have been formulating 100% Organic and All Natural Health and Beauty Products for over 30 years. We started using their products and immediately witnessed profound health and beauty improvements that we knew we had to share!

Our mission is to help others discover the benefits of our All Organic, All Natural products. "Cedars of Life" is our "Tree of Life".

We promise to only share the highest quality natural products with you to improve your health and beauty inside and out! We take pride in our products and on providing excellent customer service. We look forward to serving you!

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Gotu Kola

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin B-Complex "B-Good ULTRA"

Biotin PLUS!

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What Customers Are Saying About Cedars of Life Natural Beauty Products

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Biotin PLUS!

After just a few weeks on this magnificent product I could tell a difference in the thickness of my hair and my nails were growing beautifully. I've recommended it to everyone I know and I'm ontinuitng to use it regularly. Thank you!!!!!!!.

By Cindy Bragg

Gotu Kola

This product has so many great uses. I use it in my tea in the morning and it really makes me feel like my head is clearer and I feel I am able to concentrate and think better throughout the day. I like that this product is 100% organic and Made in the USA. I also like that it is all natural and gluten free. I highly recommend this product. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it.

By CmSmiles

Pickle Ball Paddle Kit,Free Balls & Paddle Bag

I recently purchased a "Cosmic" paddle. The paddle has a lot of bounce to it and takes less effort to make a baseline shot. It is a lighter paddle, which I prefer. I'm a beginner and I liked it a lot. I also let a more experienced player try it and at first he was skeptical but he tried it and Really liked it a lot! I recommend it for both beginners as well as more experienced players as well. This paddle was purchased at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review.

By Lisa S.

Vitamin C Serum~Serum CL

I really like this serum! I have tried a few vitamin c lotions and serums, and found "cedars of life" my favorite. I have been asked what i use on my face because it looks radient & no wrinkles!! In addition, my foundation goes on very smoothly over the serum.

By jen

Beauty Oil Complex~”Uplift”

WOW! What a great product! I have been searching for beauty products that are all natural and came across this beauty serum. I have combination skin and couldn't be happier with the results! Glowing skin with fewer fine lines after about a week! Another thing that I love about this is the fact that it is made here in the US. I often worry about the products I use coming from other cointries that don't have our quality standards. I don't have to worry about this Beauty Oil Complex because it's made right here. Best of all its natural so no worries about my 4 year old getting into mommy's cosmetics. The labeling and packaging also set this product apart, you can tell this is a quality product before you even open the lid! Thank you Cedars of Life for providing such a great product at such a reasonable price!

By Marijane M.

Vitamin B-Complex “B-Good ULTRA”!

I work as a National Sales Manager for my company and I travel about 50% of the time, putting in some serious work hours. To say the least, I feel very run down from time to time. I received this product as part of a gift package for my 50th birthday. At first, I thought it was just part of the "getting old" gag gift, but I soon discovered differently. My friend swore by this Vitamin B Complex and encouraged me to give it a try. Of course, I had nothing to lose so I starting using the product the very next day and I can say I noticed an immediate difference. Not just a difference in my energy level, but my mental clarity was off the chart. I seriously couldn't believe how this product made me feel. I don't know if it was because it was an all organic liquid and my body just assimilated it better or what, but it definitely worked. I really became a believer and now take this product as part of my daily routine. It has really helped me maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day. I highly recommend it!

By John
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